About ARP Smart Homes

Smart technology
for your home

We design and install smart technology to your home, outdoor space or office, creating an intelligent environment for you to live and work in.

Our highly experienced engineers and designers take into consideration the way you live and how we can help make your life simpler with creating an intelligent environment.



Designing your bespoke system just how you need it!


Experienced engineers taking time and care to install your system!


Always here to support you and your system -maintenance & tech support.

A message from

Our Director
Rob Garrett

ARP Smart Homes was set up in xxxx to give home owners the opportunity to have technology in their homes which they aspired to have, enhancing their lifestyle through technology.

We have xx engineers who programme and install control system, audio systems, TVs, cinemas, outdoor audio, CCTV and much more. They are all highly skilled in what they do.

Our design team work very closely with clients to ensure we create the system that will meet all your family’s needs. 

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